Could There Be A New Entry-Level Triumph On The Horizon?

There’s no question that Triumph makes an amazing bike. Just look at the longevity of the Bonneville- it’s a time-tested engine and design that routinely sits at the top of their traditional cruiser category. With its four-stroke parallel twin and iconic styling, the aesthetics of the bike have remained nearly unchanged over its 60+ year history.

New riders entering the motorcycle world are flocking to this traditional styling of bikes, with some stiff competition from the café racer crowd offered by Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Honda, and others. While the Bonneville and other retro-styled Triumphs have a very friendly 900cc engine, some new riders may be scared off by the higher displacement. Riders coming fresh out of the MFS course are often looking for an entry bike 650cc and under.

It’s hard to justify a downgrade in power for a seasoned rider, but is triumph leaving some sales on the table for the new rider or those who just want to zip through the city from café to café? Well, maybe, but not for much longer.

Word on the street is that Triumph is getting ready to introduce a new smaller “Bonneville(ish)” style of bike with a very inviting sub-600cc single cylinder engine. While the UK-based manufacturer is remaining tight-lipped about the bike, there have been some sightings on the road and guesses that we may see a bike (or multiple bikes) finding its home within the 250-500 cc category.

While there are no announcements for the release of these new bikes, it’s possible to see them hit the market as early as late 2022 (aggressive guess) in Europe. As for stateside triumph diehards, it’s hard to say when they may make their way across the pond.

To read more about the new bikes and see some amazing photos of the prototype sightings, visit:

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