What is the low wave?

The biker wave sometimes referred to as the low wave, is a common way for motorcycle riders to acknowledge each other as they pass on the road. The wave is meant to show a sign of solidarity with the other rider(s) and remind them to stay safe. While it can vary a bit, it typically entails hanging your left hand down low towards the ground, often pointing two fingers towards the road, which for some is to say, “keep the rubber side down on the road.”  For our friends across the pond, this is often accomplished with a simple head nod while they keep their hand on the throttle.

Here at thelowwave.com, we strive to continue that message of solidarity by sharing content that speaks to our fellow riders. It’s a place for members of the motorcycle lifestyle to get information on products and gear, riding, safety, news, tips, and guides, plus so much more. Regardless of your biking style (cruisers, touring, ADV, sport, trike, etc.), you’re invited to be part of this community.

Whether you’re cruising around on thelowwave.com or on the road, we have a wave for you. Be safe, ride hard, and live your best life on two wheels. Thanks for visiting.